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Thailand world champion of doping later it was discovered she ate meat Ratchanok Intanon has been cleared.
The number one has been charged with an anti-doping principle violation in May.
But she proved she had eaten meat – a drug that reduces body fat and increases muscle mass.
The Badminton World Federation stated that she boreno fault or negligence.
Hence no period of ineligibility has been imposed on her, the governing body said in a statement.
Clenbuterol was found in eight additional samples obtained from the barbecue restaurant at which Intanon had eaten.
Currently rated five in the world, Intanon won bronze at the World Championships in Basel, Switzerland.
After receiving a ban following a positive evaluation for a corticosteroid, she had been cleared to compete.
It was blamed by her staff on a shot for a knee injury, and the BWF found no breach had been committed.
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