MIT Simulator has a huge success factor because it eliminates perhaps the most troublesome challenge for its biggest sports bettors in the world. That challenge is that the human element. The MIT Simulator was created by a set of some of the sharpest minds in computerized sports analytics. After years of refining and adjusting their personal computer programs to reach the absolute best possible calculations fully capable of creating the most consistent year over year winning, the time has come. MIT Simulator collections are being released to the general public for the first time ever beginning September of 2017. This product is a Picks & Parlays exclusive however undoubtedly is poised to send shockwaves through the whole business together with the uncanny ability of this MIT Simulator to go on some of the biggest profit producing winning streaks seen in sports gambling. The highest proportion of winners is made by the MIT Simulator because each match on the card is pushed through complete computer analytics with a simulator score provided however just the most advantageous variances in the offshore amounts are released as choices. Together with MIT Simulator, you get the very best of the top with a projected score and the greatest edges you will see in the boxscore provided prior to the match happens! The MIT Simulator sports gambling revolution has started. Get in on the ground floor and revel in the ride into the top!

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